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Love, my necklaces they are so beautiful I will wear them on our anniversary this week. They arrived so pretty with lilacs in pouch wrapped beautifully in paper so cute everything wrapped so beautifully.

Deborah Ann Shepard

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Sent from: US 
Sent on: Sun Nov 05 2017 04:47:51 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Message: I just love the magazine it has beautyful color and great poetry. Debbe is my adopted sissy I love her work but I'm sure I'll love all the other poet's too. Including yours as well. I didn't know how to use the points system but I love the diary I bought besides the magazine. Please keep me posted on the next one coming out. I'm looking forward to reading your mother's too. You did a beautyful job on your creation. You've touched all the people in the magazine and myself as well. My sissy. Thank you again for all the beautyful pics and the diary. Love all the gifts in the gift shop. I'll be buying more soon. Thank you JEAN ANDERSON 

Sent from: US 
Sent on: Thu Nov 16 2017 06:14:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Message: The Secret Life of Poets magazine has become a lifelong dream to me come true. The magazine focuses on the writers their works and their lives and somewhat whatever makes them tick As an avid reader at one time, I'd like to have met those that had written the many fantasies I actually dreamed I lived out. I thank God for the words he has placed in me and I thank Teresa Poteet for the opportunity to see myself in my own dream. As a writer, I believe The Secret Life Of Poets magazine is the beginning of a new breed of publications featuring writers and the hearts works. Don't just take it from me read it for yourself and maybe just maybe you'll learn how to feel the same as we do as we dream. 

Author Gary Lawrence Ingram

Magazine review

This magazine is filled with great poems, vivid color, amazing photos and interesting art work. I am very happy to have my copy of the second edition. I look forward to the third edition and I hope this magazine has many more editions for many more years to come.

Jason Brandon Bagshaw on Nov 16, 2017

Secrets brought to light 

The blend of writing styles in an inspirational format makes The Secret Life of Poets more of a journey than just a printed magazine. With the talented Author's ups and downs, you'll experience an avalanche of literary varieties that beckon your eyes for more. Content is first, tone second, in the ambiance created to take you to a place where Poets are the main course, the appetizer, breakfast, lunch, and decadent desert.

Jamin Jambeaux on Nov 16, 2017

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