Skeleton Key Collection

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys are keys that can unlock multiple locks. Some call them pass keys. The name skeleton keys came about because the keys have been filed down of its essential parts. Some people also call antique keys for skeleton keys.

Skeleton keys are used as amulets and talisman all over the world. They are used to help the owner make all their innermost and important dreams come true.

It could be in any area; love, finances, career, exams. The skeleton key is there to assist you in seeing possibilities and solutions. It opens the doors of opportunity so that you can reach your goal.


Key Charm and Key Necklace

The symbolism of the key is quite obvious; it opens a door. It is a symbol of opening the door to your heart.

A key charm or a key necklace is a popular gift to give on important birthdays as the 16th, 18th and 21st birthday. It symbolizes opening doors for a brighter future. It represents the opening of the doors to a successful career and new possibilities.

Many may wear a key charm or necklace when looking for a job or a change of workplace. It is believed to be an amulet that will assist the wearing find doors of opportunity.                         


Some people will buy a key charm for themselves when they move into a new home. This will ensure a happy home.

In Japan, it is not uncommon to find charms made up of three keys joined together. The three keys are said to unlock the secrets to wisdom, life, and love.

What more can you ask for? Time to get the three keys

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” Oliver Wendell Holmes